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Not your grandparents radio theatre show

Live readings of comic books set to sight and sound.
Come watch and listen to up and coming voice actors work the mic as we bring characters to live. We’re not your grandparents radio theatre show.

We look for local comic book artists to help shine a spotlight on there work.

If your a comic writer and want us to use your work, contact us below!



Double Jumpers, Saturday May 18 @ 7PM Only!

Featuring "Double Jumpers" by Dave Dwonch!

You’ve seen how it must be to jump into a video game avatar body, but what if your avatar's personality jumped into your body as well? And what if you were in Vegas at the time? I mean, what could go wrong?
See all the hilarious and dramatic Hijinx that happens in “Double Jumpers”!

Warning: Content not suitable for children.

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